• S.Campbell - Editor

My quarantined kids are huge liars

During this period of forced, loving family time, I've been confronted with the fact that my little kids are huge liars.

Example: My 4yo comes running out of his room crying and screaming "He hit me!" I look over to see my 2yo happily eating crayons in the kitchen, oblivious to any trauma that may have happened on the other side of the house in his brother's room.

They lie about pretty much everything. Poorly. Did you wash your hands? Did you brush your teeth? Did you finish your vegetables? Yes, yes, and yes they say! When it's obvious the answer is no no no.

It's embarrassing for a loving father who lies so much better than they do and usually only when I have to. I only lie about Santa, "I'm leaving without you", Easter Bunny, tooth fairy, "I'll take your dinner away," and "no shows, even during the afternoon when Dad desperately needs to lie down for a few minutes."


Vancouver, BC