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Our Favourite Team Building Travel Activities

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Jumping in pictures didn't make the list but...pretty awesome.

You have the class trip set up and ready to start, and that’s awesome! However, no matter where you take your class, it involves staying on the road for stretches of time that can feel too long to even the most experienced travellers.

To make the journey as pleasant and educational as the destination, it is always good to have some activities ready, so time will just fly by. These activities can and must be entertaining, but they will also add value to the trip if they include people, places, and activities from the trip itself. Here are some suggestions:

Name Tags (but not just name tags)

As you pass name tags along, ask the class to write also 1 word related to the trip (it can be the name of the place, or something they will see there, or some info related to it). Have them also add 1 word that describes how they are feeling about this trip (anxious, happy, excited, curious), and then have a discussion around these words and feelings.

This is an excellent opportunity to explore social and emotional learning within your group. They will get to explore their feelings and hopes for the trip together. A great way to break the ice if there are travellers who don’t know each other well or build stronger bonds between close friends who don’t always talk about their feelings.

Talk Show Host

You can make it educational and fun if you have the class interview a partner, asking questions like:

What are your hobbies?

What is the one thing you would like people to know about you?

What do you know about the places you’re travelling to?

What are you expecting to learn on this trip?

What are you most looking forward to on this trip?

Have students share what they’ve learned about their partner with the group. This is always good for some laughs, and helps travellers know who is interested in seeing and experiencing the same things. It also builds student’s ability to collaborate with one another and their presentation skills.

20 Questions

You can never go wrong with some classics. 20 Questions is an excellent way to both entertain and teach, mixing funny subjects (make the class guess “Super Mario”) and educational ones (visiting a historical railroad? Make them guess “William Cornelius Van Horne”).

Of course, this is a nice warm-up for what they are about to see, but it’s also an ice-breaker and a group bonding activity (divide them into teams and have them work together on questions).

Show and Tell

Matching images with meanings and descriptions is an excellent learning tool, so show and tell is one of the best road trip activities. Prepare a set of pictures related to the trip in advance; it can be part of something they will see, it can be a map of the place, it can be the photo of an important figure related to the trip...no matter what, show them the pictures and have them guess what it is.

Anything they can’t correctly identify can instantly become a mini inquiry project where students use the information they have to investigate the unknown photo. As they research they’re not only learning a lot about where they’re going, they are building crucial research skills like critical thinking and evaluating sources all in a fun detective game.

These are four fun suggestions for travel games that will make that 5 hour train ride fly by (well, more bearable, educational, and hilarious anyway).

Now that you’ve read ours we want to hear about your favourite travel games! Leave a comment below with your suggestion and help us build new posts to share.


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