• S.Campbell - Editor

The future of online education

Over the past two months, I've been fortunate to spend almost all my waking moments with my two young boys. It's been mandatory of course, and we've had some ups and downs, but overall it has been pretty amazing.

We run, we scream, and we learn an amazing amount of things each and every day...and then we run and scream some more.

As someone in the education technology business and a father, I believe the next ten years will be the golden age of educational software in schools.

Some of the things I'm seeing that support a surge in ed tech software in schools over the next decade includes:

-Increased availability and strength of internet in schools. Schools will never be as equipped as they need to be and access to technology will never be completely equitable, but over the past 5 years they have made major gains in internet infrastructure allowing more students to access the internet at once with more powerful tech tools.

-Ed tech hardware costs are going down with the proliferation of Chromebooks, students bringing their own devices, and cloud storage and computing. With this reduction in hardware costs there can now be a sharper focus on software to support student exploration and learning

-Education technology companies are getting better at balancing the needs of student learners, with the needs of teacher facilitators, and district implementors.

- Education technology companies are offering better, more intuitive, more varied products, at lower costs.

-Finally, teachers were already becoming more and more comfortable with education technology (and seeing the results of PBL and blended learning using technology with their students) before COVID forced them to work remotely. Now all teachers are being forced to use some incredible ed tech tools, and while some will fight it, undoubtedly many more will find something that enhances and expands their practice.

What do you think? Are there some factors I missed? I would love to hear your feedback.