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Travel Mentor Series - Sean Campbell

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Our Travel Mentors series talks to lifelong lovers of travel to give

kids ideas, direction, and motivation around travel.

Travel Mentor stats:

Sean Campbell

Publishing Guru and writer/ Founder of Education Backpack


travelling since always

50+ countries

twitter: @campbellonline

Instagram: seanlovestotravel

Do you have a favourite travel memory?

-I did a trip around the world a few years ago with an amazing young lady (now my wife!) and one of our first stops was Uluwatu in Indonesia. The first night we were there we ended up on a patio at sunset at the top of a cliff with some amazing surfers carving up huge waves I wouldn't dream of going near...there was a a lot of perfect in that moment. Still what I think about when I need to go to my happy place.

Honestly though, I have amazing travel memories pop up all the time that make me want to grab my passport and hit the road.

How has travel shaped who you are?

-You name it. Travel has shaped every aspect of my life, from confidence and problem solving to empathy for others and creativity. Plus I just love it. Getting out of my bubble, meeting amazing people, and seeing fascinating places first hand is the happiest I get in this world. (Note: My wife and kids are pretty amazing too...not forgetting about you guys xoxoxo...but we should all go travelling again soon.)

Where would you travel to again and why?

-I love South East Asia. Food is amazing, people are great, and you can see/do anything you can dream of. Gorgeous beaches, ancient ruins, snorkelling, diving, food, drinks, hiking...it has it all.

Do you have a dream destination that you haven’t been to yet?

-really curious about Brazil. The culture, food, beaches, Iguazu Falls, the amazon...

At what age did you start travelling?

-I've been travelling around Canada since I was 2, but my first big international trip was with my Mom to Europe when I was 14. Definitely gave me the travel bug. We backpacked around to dirty little hotels and saw amazing things everyday. Did some bonding. I can't wait to take my kids on a similar trip!

We're book nuts at Education Backpack, can you recommend a good travel book (or any book you loved while traveling??)?

-Black Star Safari by Paul Theroux. Amazing well written and thought provoking book that really makes you feel like you're travelling across Africa with the author.

Favourite piece of travel gear?

-My tiny backpack! Something I love the most about travelling is just having my whole life in a small backpack. Gives me a good perspective on what I really "need." Plus I'm a minimalist and hate most stuff in general...shedding all of it brings me great joy.

Can you recommend another travel fanatic to be featured as an Education Backpack mentor?

Beth Clarke! She loves travel and adventure so much she made it her career. I'm jealous.



Vancouver, BC