• S.Campbell - Editor

Traveling to the backyard

During the pandemic, I'll be dreaming of more adventurous travel and writing about less adventurous travel in my home. Mostly to keep busy and hopefully lighten the load on a few people until this is all over and we can get back to travel travel travel!

When I start planning a trip to a new country I tend to see if it has some historical ruins of note to check out, some beautiful beaches, and some great outdoors I can hike into. So today we ventured out into the great outdoors of our backyard. It's pretty scenic, aside from the unloved garden, and stretches for meters in all directions.

The first thing my two small children wanted to play was hide and seek. And let me tell you I completed dominated. Their combined 6 years was no match for my, ahem, well well over 30 years. Sure I cheated, but they didn't catch on so who is really to blame here. My son didn't know I had my eyes open when I had my sunglasses on, even though I yelled at him to "stay away from the alley" while in mid count down. Plus they only hid in the same three spots, so I found them every time no problem. Like a boss.

All in all, it was great getting some fresh air and stretching our legs. Until tomorrow and a new destination! Maybe.


Vancouver, BC