• S.Campbell - Editor

Where to find the best food while travelling

Ethiopian food in Somaliland!

Food is a massive part of any adventure. But how do you find the best spot when you don't know the area and don't speak the language. The following advise has served me well over the years.

It all starts with that beautiful view. There are so many restaurants that cater to tourists that have an amazing view, a menu in English, and clean linens. Probably even some grainy pictures of their meals to really help you out. You can just see your next Instagram post with the sweat beading up on the cold drink in your glass and the ocean in the background. It's amazing. But the food? The food is pretty weak. But who cares with that view!!!

People will come back for that view no matter what, and since no one really cares, the food suffers. You travel veterans are nodding your head "yes" I can feel it!

So go to that beautiful restaurant, grab a drink, chat up some cute vacationers with delicious accents, enjoy the view...and then walk a few blocks out of that area to grab a bite to eat.

It's as easy as turning your back on that view and walking. In only a few minutes you'll be out of the big tourist area. Keep your eyes open for a place that is full of locals, and go there. Even if there isn't a menu, you can point at other peoples food, ask how much, and enjoy! You'll meet some locals and get a tastier meal for a fraction of the cost.

"But Sean, I might get sick at those places" you say. That's true. But the threat of travel tummy comes from any place you eat. The 2 times I've been travelling and have felt the full force of food destruction on my stomach was from a fancier restaurant both times. (I've had countless stomach rumbles from street food too, but the absolute worst were nicer restaurants.)

Food is love. So get off the beaten track and enjoy the sights, sounds, flavours, and new friends you'll find at restaurants just out of site of that glorious view.


Vancouver, BC